Email Marketing

100% permission based email

Just Press Send is a simple to use web-based system for creating and sending fully branded email campaigns. Designed for non-technical users, Just Press Send is accessible world-wide 24/7. Mailing lists can be built directly through your website or imported from existing sources. By using pre-designed templates creating a new campaign is easy. And best of all, you are in control of the whole process.

Features & Benefits

Why Choose Just Press Send?

  • it’s quick and easy to use
  • mailing lists are automatically updated
  • creating a new campaign takes only minutes
  • despatch is at the touch of a button
  • detailed click through analysis and reports available online
  • we have a track record of satisfied users

Just Press Send has a number of unique features that ensure its leading position in permission based email marketing.

All organisations using Just Press Send have signed up to these principals and emails sent from the Just Press Send system are only to recipients who have registered for, or requested such emails, or are existing customers of the sending organisation.


Permission based email
· clear opt in process
· easy to update preferences
· each email sent includes a guaranteed unsubscribe facility

Additional information embedded with email
· clear identification of sender
· Just Press Send quality mark

Proprietary Bounce Handling
Just Press Send’s bespoke application will deal with any bounce processing, with new variations appearing on a daily basis this is being constantly updated
· automatic removal of hard bounces
· progressive removal of soft bounces
· automatic list management

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Just Press Send incorporates the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) authentication process, specifying which computers on the Internet can send mail – validating the message and distinguishing real mail from forgeries. Expensive content-based spam checks can be bypassed, saving resources on the receiver side.
· Gmail have adopted this authentication method
· Hotmail and AOL will use it for whitelisting
· The main ISPs and antispam software providers are also adopting SPF