Search Engine Marketing

What Can Search Engine Optimisation Do For Your Online Business or Website?

Find out how you can increase your traffic and the on line reputation of your online business with cost-effective SEO.

You’ve created a website, you’ve put your business online and now you sit and wait for your customers to find you or you are on Google but a bad review of your business is right next to youin the search results. What do you do now?

Without an effective online marketing plan, SEO strategy and regular site analysis, your customers are unlikely to find your website.

Unfortunately, these days simply creating an online presence isn’t enough, because there are hundreds of other businesses with websites offering similar services. When someone searches in Google or another search engine, they are presented with pages of links to hundreds of other companies who do just what you do. And the customer clicks on a link he likes the look of, usually from the first page of Google.

In order to get your site near the top of a Google search and to make your company website stand out from the rest, you need a successful online marketing strategy behind your website. Without one, your customer or visitor numbers will never exceed your expectations for the simple fact that they probably won’t find your website.


Optimising Your Website With SEO

You can help your customers find your online business by optimising your website in various ways so that you have a better search engine ranking position (or SERP). This means that when people search on Google for your services or products, your website will appear higher up the list of returned links.

There are several and important ways to achieve this:

Make sure the code for your website is SEO optimised
Ensure all your copy is SEO friendly and includes the relevant keywords for your site or online business
Regularly and gradually increase the number of backlinks to your site
Monitor your keywords, analyse your website statistics and your Google Page Rank
Create an online PR strategy
Start a blog about your industry, business or service

SEO and online marketing is a gradual process that takes six to twelve months to really see the impact. It is not an instant fix, and business who attempt to buy backlinks from companies offering hundreds of links for very little cost, will only have their website black listed by Google, which can seriously damage your online business.

Jargon Buster

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SERP – Search engine ranking position

Backlinks – Links to your website on other sites (they link back to you – hence the name).

PPC – Pay Per Click

Reputation Management

These days there are opinions offered by everyone, but what should you do if the opinion about your business appearing high in Google rankings is negative? We are experienced in how to make sure your customers are more likely to see the web pages you want them to see not the negative views that may also exist on the web.