Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now intergral parts of many business’ marketing strategy. Some use these media as their primary way to build relationships with customers. In their own ways each can offer an efficient way to directly communicate a business’ message – used well and a business can gain real insights into consumer behaviour to create  genuine two way dialogue which is rarely possible through more traditional marketing channels.

The challenge that social media offers is that use of the media can be time consuming and has the inherent risks brought by direct interaction with a consumer via what can be considered personal space. Using an external agency to guide how best to use social media in a business setting can help avoid the potential pitfalls and offer a new and efficient communcation channel.


Social Media Monitor

Managing Your Brand Within Social Media

Just Press Send has extensive experience of brand marketing but in these days of Social Media it is increasingly hard to manage your brand. How do you keep track of how your brand is being talked about on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Find out and you have the chance to really understand what your customers and potential customers really think about your brand.

Features & Benefits

why choose Just Press Send Brand Monitor?

  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • Quickly track how customers talk about your brand
  • Track related words or phrases even competitor brands
  • Understand the influence of comments – will anyone take any notice
  • See the sentiment behind the comments – do they like your brand
  • Help to see the effectiveness of your social media campaigns
  • This is a genuine opportunity to manage your brand on Social Media forums